About Us

Who are we

  • Our Definition

The new Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies is an independent research institution concerned with Iraqi affairs and the effect of its surrounding regional and international atmospher.


  • Our Vision

To have a Center for Political Studies which represents an Iraqi reference for the other centers, and institutions concerned with same Subject.


  • Our Message

The Center seeks to spread knowledge, awareness and support of decision makers to influential actors in the Iraqi affairs.

  • Objectives of the Center


  • To submit the relevant studies and researches in a manner that qualifies the center to be the reliable source in Iraqi affairs.
  • The Center is a platform for experts, researchers and scholars, through which they present their studies and opinions that contribute to the enrichment of specialized studies and research.
  • Sponsoring researchers and specialists, and training and developing promising researchers in various fields.
  • To find best ways of integrating Iraq with the neigboring Arab countries, and to present the initial views of the countries of the region.
  • Studying crises that faced Iraqi as well as the challenges and security risks and their impact on the social, economic and developmental situation of Iraq, and its effect on the neighboring countries.
  • exploring ideas and studies that contribute to draw the future of Iraq.
  • Dealing with different social problems like migration, unemployment and unstability and work to find best suggested soultions.
  • Means


  • Monitering the political reality of Iraq and its implications regionally and internationally.
  • Preparing studies that deal with Iraqi affairs in politics, law, security, economy, investment and education.
  • Collaborate with research centers, scientists, specialists and academics.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars for researchers and specialists.
  • Conducting surveys and investigations to know the public opinion trends in Iraq.
  • Building a network of public relations with effective factors in Iraqi affairs locally and abroad,
  • Training and encouraging young researchers, promoting research and raising awareness of strategic issues.
  • Support the mechanisms of dialogue and negotiation, and provide a vision for resolving conflicts.
  • Providing consultations for political, economic and social affairs to national and Arab institutions that have a public interest.


  • Activities and Publications:


  • Annual Book: The Center publishes an annual book dealing with the affairs of the Center.
  • Political Studies: A scientific publication that deals with the issuance of scientific studies ranging from 5000 to 10,000 words.
  • situation assessment: A scientific paper covering political events that are analyzed, studied and reviewed.
  • Reports: on the study of various phenomena within the concerned issues of the center in the Iraqi affairs.
  • Magazine: specialized in political and strategic affairs.
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops: held by various program managers for specialists in the various fields of interest of the Center. The Center also holds regular conferences according to the issues approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Translation: most of the important issues related to the Iraqi affairs.
  • Tweets and publishing via social media, participating in workshops and TV interviews.
  • Providing scientific consultations in various fields.


  • Strategy of Center Studies:

Study and monitor the political situations and events in Iraq and their variable and changing factors aswell as trying to explore their future and development. At the same time, proposing ideas that help pushing toward positive trends and mitigate the expected negative ones.


  • Standards and regulations for publishing research in the center :

Criteria for publishing research in the new Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies.

1- Research criteria

  • Accepts research dealing with political, economic, security, social, strategic, or informational issues related to the Iraqi situation in particular, and the factors influencing its political, economic, social and security situation and its future.
  • The researcher should deal with a new and innovative subject, as he should comply with the proffecional scientific and academic norms.
  • The research must be original and have not been published in whole or in part or published for publication by third parties.
  • Accepts research related to strategic, analytical and in Arabic only.(english too)
  • Research pages should not exceed 25 printed pages (about 7,000 words), including margins, references, and appendices. And at least 10 pages (3500 words). The character size is 16.
  • Research should be sent to the Center’s e-mail address [email protected]
  • The research is printed in one correct language copy or electronic copy.
  • The researcher shall enclose a brief statement of his scientific career, a summary of the research (within 300 words), and means of communication (e-mail address, telephone numbers, and postal address)
  • Margins are written with serial numbers and placed at the end of the search or on each page.
  • Tables and graphs are placed in the search panel by context, and their sources are identified below.
  • When writing margins, the following documentary data should be available in the same order: Books: Author, Book Title (Place of Publication: Publishing House, Publishing Year), p. Periodicals: Author, “Research Title”, Journal Name, Issue (Place of Publication: Publication Date), p. Website: Must be known and accredited to researchers.
  • The Committee shall review the research and amend the terms in a way that does not prejudice the content of the research.


2– Publishing procedures

  • Research and studies should be sent to the Head of the Center via e-mail.
  • The researcher shall be notified of the arrival of his research within two weeks from the date of receipt.
  • The research is sent to a committee of specialists in the field of research.
  • In the case of comments from the Committee, the notes shall be sent to the researcher to make the necessary amendments, and they shall be returned within a maximum period of one month.
  • Research and published studies shall become the property of the new Iraq Center for Strategic Studies and Research. The researcher shall not be entitled to republish them elsewhere without obtaining the written approval of the Center.
  • The Center is not responsible for the return of research, which is decided to apologize for not being published in the series, and is not obliged to provide reasons for non-publication.