Steps on Remedial Way…1st Part… State of Citizenship Instead of State of Components

D. Abdul Nasser al-Mahdawy

New Iraq Center Advisor

Translated by Shaimaa Shedeed

Looking into the political experience Iraqis had after year of 2003, first thing can be noticed is that the Arab Sunnis are the biggest loser among other components of Iraqi State on all levels including security, political, economic and social. This is a reality upon which all Iraqi factions agree. In this articles series, we won’t tackle what happened for the Arab Sunnis and reasons behind their backwardness whether internal, external, regional or international, because each factor actually participated in the condition like Sunni faction has today, rather, the focus in will be on the way getting out of the dark tunnel where they have been being captivated since 2003.

Before getting involved in the meaning of the article title, we have to visit some realities that have played role in the Iraqi stringent situation of the past and in the relatively stabilized situation of the present. Frankly, reliance firstly should be on the political perspective as it can be deemed as the head on which the health of the whole body depends. Through such political perspective, we can firstly notice the Shiite component for which we can recognize real representative leaderships. These leaderships actually occupy decision maker posts in the Iraqi political arena today and its affiliated blocs and parties varied between an excluding sectarian stream who destructed the Iraqi state and a reforming stream who is currently looking forward to better Iraqi reality.

Concerning the Kurdish component, it has its own leaderships and its own roadmap represented in the Iraqi parliament, the Kurdish region and both federal and regional government. Undoubtedly, the representation map reflects the reality of Kurdish society that can’t be out bided and even the disparities and different tendencies among them and their parties and blocs pours at the end of the day in the region’s and citizens’ interests.

When we get to the Arab Sunni faction, we easily can notice that it is the biggest loser who hasn’t yet had leaders and whom was targeted by the sectarian project, as a result, they became out of the political game. Such Iraqi component even didn’t seek representation in elections of 2018 after most of its governorates were occupied and destructed due to the terrorism and the anti-terrorism war that resulted in thousands of killed people and detainees in addition to millions of migrants. This made the matter of finding those who can represent them impossible. Actually, their introversion enabled some mean-spirited people to buy and sell the parliamentary seats and to compete on the administrative posts. Those people can’t be deemed as leaders because they only represent themselves and their suspicious projects that pour only in foreign agendas’ interests. Surely, there are some sincere people seek for reform but regrettably they don’t occupy posts of decision makers and they’re too few to be recognized among the corrupt world.

However, the case today is different than yesterday as evidenced by the new cabinet formation features.  Although last elections infused with corruption, its outcomes are being dealt realistically in a way uncovered obvious understanding and coordination between two streams resulted in formation of untraditional cabinet with untraditional work, consequently, looking forward to untraditional outcomes in the political arena today is legal dream despite its fragility. Today, the Arab Sunni role doesn’t lie in those who claim that they’re representing them, rather, it lies in those who are seeking for rescuing them. Today, we don’t have to be concerned with who represents us, rather, we should pay attention to the way he represents us. Our success today will be by succeeding in overcoming the sectarianism and components and in preserving the Iraqi people rights away from any sectarian or ethnic considerations.

In today’s mobility, we have to get rid of the state of components for the sake of the state of citizenship which will help us to cross the abyss that was dug for the Iraqis. In fact, the political arena today in Iraq is suitable for change and reform because most of political parties and blocs are unsatisfied with the consequences of the past sectarian policies that brought nothing but terrorism and crimes.

Amid the reform efforts in Iraq today, the Arab Sunni society shouldn’t recall the near past with its miseries in order not to be captivated by it; instead, it should lead a reform current with all its fury. Today, we should welcome anyone who really seeks for reform and who really cares about the Iraqi people interests regardless his background and regardless the interests of Iran and the US. At the meantime, we should oust all corrupt people who harmed the Iraqi people and state.

Focusing on the citizenship concept and equity in duties and rights of all Iraqi people with its different sects, nationals, parties and currents should be our duty today. Our hopes should only be on those who are keen on justice and on putting the suitable man in the suitable post regardless the background. This is the only way to rebuild our destructed cities and governorates and to encourage Iraqi migrants to return to their homeland. Today, we aren’t concerned with who does rule us, we only cares about the way he rules us.

Focusing on Iraq of citizenship rather than Iraq of components must be our ultimate goal by which we will begin a new Iraqi era. Citizenship means cohabitation and cooperation among all Iraqi people without discrimination based on sectarian, national, ethnic or partisan considerations. It is a horizon welcomes all Iraqi people and bounties.



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