Ayatollah and the nuclear bomb

D.Mohanad Yousuf
New Iraq Centre Advisor
Translated by Shaimaa Shedeed

The White House and Iran’s Ayatollah are currently racing against the time. Iran sees that its atomic bomb is the only deterrent to their enemies inside and outside, in addition, Iranians consider this arm a part of their doctrine and religious belief as such kind of force paves the way to the awaited Mahdi. For the current leadership, ownership of this arm is much easier than the democratic reforms the West demands and sees it as a guarantee for a long-term internal stability. This arm will keep the project of guardianship of the Islamic jurist. They also believe this arm will enable them to reach the aspired regional domination and consequently will enable them to dominate their Sunni rival states that surround the non-Arabs’. Moreover, Iran dominates the two thirds of universal energy sources due to its nuclear power.
Last week, we saw how the US navy, strategic grenades, aircraft carriers, marines and air defence moved quickly and even quicker than that night when it entered Kuwait in the beginning of 1990s and that day of Iraq war in 2003. Such quick move was, according to the US, a response to Iranian threats to the US bases in the region.
If we consider the incident from a viewpoint different than that of the private and official media, we can understand that Shiite Iran is currently nearer to making a nuclear explosion underground more than before. This will be in order to prove its ownership of nuclear weapon and to demonstrate its capability of carrying this weapon as nuclear warheads on its long-range rocket arsenals. This means that Israel and bases of the US and NATO are in the range of these rockets.
In this case, Iran will extend the lines drawn by the US to it when it decided to build a stable Iran carrying out what the US wants along last 40 years. The whole world saw how the US toppled the Shah when he tried to exceed the lines identified for him, how it could stop the attempt of destructing Iran by the hands of Iraq in 1988 and how it helped Iran to rise economically, politically and regionally during Obama’s reign. Now, the Shiite tiger made by the US among the Sunni Middle Eastern countries is about to be a nuclear tiger by virtue of the US direct and indirect support.
In fact, the economic sanctions imposed by the administration of Donald Trump came against the policies followed with Washington for decades and surely it harmed the Iranian government. Besides, it uncovered the sources and ways of financing and movement of funds related to Iranian fierce forces. The sanctions also disclosed the misery and poverty spread in Iran, consequently Iran became like a balloon about to burst at any time, which forecasts internal and external wars in the Iranian region. Such wars Europe and the whole world fear because it will be the most disastrous even in comparison to what happened in Iraq and Syria.
Thus, the time factor is deemed as the sole exit from the current US sanctions dilemma and the only way to escape. Iran tries to make use of the time in completing the atomic weapon and making the nuclear explosion beneath the earth. This was prevailed in the visit of Iran’s Zarif to the US last week as he met with all US leaders except the White House. This was in order to gain the time by any mean, while the US President Donald Trump is communicating his number to the Iranian side which isn’t even replying him. Based on the foregoing, the time factor is the only decisive factor in the current US-Iranian moves.
Indeed, neither the fifth fleet nor the Central Command and neither Israeli arsenal nor the Gulf arms can be effective with Ayatollah after this expected nuclear explosion. This means the end of imposed economic sanctions and the collapse of the stability of the eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, the region will get into a new historical chapter titled the revival of the Shiite rule…..

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