Has Cold War Been Resumed?

Dr. Al-Nasser Derid

Translated by Shaimaa Shedeed  

The cold war that broke out promptly after curtains had been brought down on the 2nd World War in 1945 and didn’t end before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 (almost half century) made us used to some miserable manifestations in the international relations which added to the conflicts and tensions of the world in its five continents. One of the most prominent manifestations is the interference of the two grand states in any conflict between two states or two regions; one supports a side while the other supports the rival whether they both have a direct interest in such conflict or not. This reminds us with Washington support to any revolution in the Western Europe against the dominance of communists under the pretext of supporting the people’s fight against dictatorship and the Shiite power, while Moscow supported all those stood against US in the third world continents under the pretext of supporting the people against the capitalism and new occupation!! Such situation changed when the whole world with its all powers aligned against the Iraqi cruel invasion to the lands of its small neighbor Kuwait in 1990.

However, the situation began to change bit by bit after Russia had regained its financial power and after the recession of the real democratic mechanism and the progress of democratic mafias with its new godfather, Caesar Vladimir Putin. In last two years, we have seen developments more violent and more aggressive even more that what was done before by the Soviet systems whether in terms of manipulating the democratic elections of many western countries (including the US), frankly supporting dominant dictatorships (such as in Syria) and leading a war to the extent of siege, starvation and dividing (such as Ukraine), or assassinating the dissidents in hearts of western capitals (such as in Scribal of London) and others. Actually, What happened in Venezuela several days ago represented a new manifestation of the new cold war that seems has been started over between Moscow and the west), although the west now isn’t in its finest to face such kind of war like before during the 2nd world war. What is the story Venezuela? What is the role of the Venezuelan Parliament Head Juan Guaido?

Current Venezuela’s President Maduro was born in 1962 and began his career life as a bus driver, then he got involved in the syndicate work and didn’t get the preparatory school certificate and then worked as bodyguard for one of the presidential candidate in 1982. In his 20s, he lived in Cuba as a member of leftist militia in Latin America where he studied communism in private courses and it was said that he was recruited for the intelligence system of Cuba. He joined Chavez (former President) movement that was dubbed as Revolutionary Bolivarian movement 200 in the 1990s (relevant to Simon Bolivar, the historical leader in Latin America) and participated in demonstrations demanding the release of Chavez after detaining him due to its failed attempt to lead a coup in 1992. He also participated in the foundation of the fifth republic movement that supported Chavez until taking over the power in 1998. Then, he was elected in the parliament as a member and then as a head in 2005 before being appointed as a foreign minister in 2006. According to the Irish journalist in the British Guardian Newspaper Rudi Karol, Maduro didn’t have a perfect command of any foreign language when he was appointed as a foreign minister!! Surely, after being the foreign minister, he shifted the state’s foreign policy to the leftist trend in which his president believed. In 2011, Chavez decided that Maduro would be his successor after he had known about his cancer and after he had guaranteed the support of his top officials (such as Tshakun, the military man who has been appointed in 2013 as power minister and then was relegated in 2015 as ambassador to Austria and Rudrigez who was deputy for Chavez 2007-2008 whom has been dismissed after his failure in the constitution reform campaign).

In 2012, Maduro was appointed as Vice President and then he took over the rule as President after Chavez death in 2013. Despite his hard winning over his competent with a percentage of 1.5% and the doubts raised about final results, he was announced as an official President in April 2013 to date. Since the very beginning of his rule, Maduro enforced the emergency law that has been being extended every six months till now and took the same policies path of his former president that led to the worst economic crisis in the state’s history and increased the crimes to unprecedented level. Moreover, policies suppressing and detaining the opposition and pressuring the press continued. According to political expert Shanon Key Ounil, Maduro didn’t only take the same path of powerful and totalistic policies of Chavez but also he took faster steps. Maduro attacked the capitalist forces on which he blamed the failure of his economic policies, then, Venezuela became topping the misery index since 2013 to date.

Regarding Maduro’s foreign policies, Maduro resumed the anti-West and the anti-US policies that began with his former President since 2015. The US former President Barack Obama issued an order to impose sanctions against seven Venezuelan senior officials in charge of violating the human rights, affirming that Venezuela represented unprecedented menace to the US national security and foreign policy, which led Maduro to adopt more leftist and populist policies and slogans. At the meantime, doubts were ignited around the origins of Maduro whether Venezuelan or Colombian (based on some stories that his mother was Colombian and that he was born in a Colombian border city), because the Venezuelan law requires that the presidency candidate shall be Venezuelan by birth not only by nationality, especially after he changed his statements more than once regarding this issue. Still this issue occupies the public opinion amid frantic efforts to conceal the reality by his regime elements.

It seems that this man and his regime live on the dramatic rhythm as the Venezuelan TV claimed once that Maduro received in 2015 more than 13 million psychological attack!! One of the dramatic claims was about a US conspiracy to overthrow the regime, which has been believed by only 15% of the Venezuelan people according to the Venezuelan expert Isabella Bikon. The same dramatic claim repeated in the followed year charging a US organization Uruguayan head Louis al-Magru with the treason and with being agent to the US intelligence!! Meanwhile, Maduro’s son threatened to occupy New York and the White House!!

By the end of May 2018, some independent experts were assigned from a US organization to issue a detailed report of 400 pages about the anti-humane crimes dozens of which Maduro personally were involved. He was also involved in almost 1200 suppressing detention cases and more than 290 torture cases in addition to other violations. Some verdicts issued against two of Maduro’s nieces in the US uncovered relation between Maduro’s family with drugs cartels that were financed with the electoral campaigns of their uncle!! Maduro then defended their situation claiming that what happened for them was one of the imperialist hegemony forms. What’s more, some money laundry operations and others related to drugs and arms in Venezuela were discovered to be by approval from the Presidents and his agents, which resulted in sanctions of OFAC against Dious Dadu Cabello (One of old followers to Chavez and head of his parliament and one of prominent members of Maduro party) and one of Maduro’s deputies Tareq al-Eissemy (of Lebanon origins and served as minister of manufacturing and natural resources).

Maduro was persistently insulting his political enemies with abusive language and inappropriate insinuations. When the committee of CLAP was founded to provide the pulverized categories in Venezuela (which increased in Maduro’s and former president’s regime), the contractual right was entitled to a Mexican group called (Group Grand Limited) which was discovered to be owned by Maduro himself through fictitious agents after it had been condemned by the Mexican General Prosecutor who uncovered the low standard and cheap quality of its sources that reach to the Venezuelan government for high prices to enrich Maduro and his agents.

Maduro never felt embarrassed taking pictures having countless gourmet meals or going to most luxurious restaurants such as the restaurant of Turkish kitchen Nasrat Gukotchi  while the Venezuelan people was starving to death. Maduro’s son also takes pictures during his attendance to luxurious wedding parties of corrupted Venezuelan businessmen who were enriched by the corrupted funds such as the wedding party of billionaire Khoussi in the most luxurious hotels of Karakas. According to Washington Post editor Jackson Dale, the Venezuelan ruling party is one of the drug cartels in the world, while Wall Street newspaper affirmed that the Colombian drug cartels was turned to work in Venezuela and under the sponsorship of the Venezuelan state after the pressure in its country of origin.

In a related context, US Justice Ministry described the Venezuelan government and army with criminal organizations while the Insight Crime website specialized in following the  information about organized crime said that the basic reason behind the collapse of Venezuelan economy is the practices of the ruling Kleptocrates (Mafia rule). It also affirmed that during the period between mid of first decade to mid of second decade of the 21st century, almost 300 billion USD disappeared from the state’s treasury while other 11 billion USD evaporated in the period 2004-2014 from the Venezuelan Petrol Governmental Company (PDVSA). Thus, the term Boliburguesia that made of two words Burguesia and Bolivarian (the ruling Party in Venezuela) had been stated by Khowan Karlos Zabata to express about the class that appeared during Chavez rule and lasted throughout the rule of Maduro with its corruption and its fake leftist slogans.

Dramatically, managing the governmental institutions with the favoritism principal led to the collapse of the most important governmental institution (PDVSA) whose number of employees reached to 120,000 pro-Maduro employees.  Petrol Minister Rafael Ramirz put the workers and employees of this institution in front of two choices; supporting the President or losing their jobs saying “Our company is red from the bottom to the top!!”, adding “all workers should support the revolution and that who won’t support can leave to the US!”. Like his predecessor, if one of his candidates loses in the local elections, he gives him the title of (warden) which in itself is an unconstitutional title and then finances him to act like a governor. In August 2018, two planes full of explosives attacked Maduro in a demo for the Bolivarian National Guard in Karakas with no causalities reported. Maduro then accused Colombia government of conspiring the accident and some opposition leaders such as Khulio Burgees and Khouan Rikosnas without any evidences. In addition, Burgees was arrested despite his judiciary ammunition while Burgees charged Maduro with fabricating this accident to justify suppression to the opposition.

This was the scene until Guaido appeared to turn the table on Maduro and got his state in the first cold war test. Who is that 36 years old man? What he did? This is what we will know in a following article.


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