Social Engineering of Iraqi Society

 D.Mohanad Yousuf
Iraq New Center Advisor
Translated by Shaimaa Shedeed
Social engineering is a term refers to analyzing and outlining a society traits through constant linking of huge quantity of changing information in a way makes any system can control the society by pushing it forward or dragging it backward or to any other side. Through the same huge quantities of information any system also can expect how, when and where the society can improve and when it can win and when it can surrender.
The way individuals know themselves through the strangers is currently being more common, sometimes strangers knows the others more than the others know themselves. In other words, the gap between the general knowledge and that knowledge owned and used by the ruling elites has recently increased. Thanks to the neurology, biology, psychology and sociology, the world system has reached to an advanced awareness about the human being and the societies more than the human being knows himself. This means the power of the system on the society is more than the society’s power on itself, as a result, the system can control the society more than the society control itself.
Undeniably, the power today is the main player in all activities on earth and the social studies are studying and managing the social power sources. The reason behind the social sciences is more than merely targeting reaching a reality at the end because the matter of reaching a conclusion in itself refers to the capability of controlling. In fact, answering a question about the real beneficiary and the real controller will clarify the real target behind the social sciences studies.
In view of the future focus on controlling and regulating Iraq and in order to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East region, the war was decided to outbreak in 2003 against the Iraqi people. The final target then wasn’t only toppling its political regime but also for a final turning the social power and the natural resources from the hands of irresponsible and undisciplined Sunni majority to the hands of Shiite minority deemed as responsible and disciplined. This deep target is currently prevailed in the political ruling class in Baghdad.
In a bid to reach this aforementioned target, the lower classes in the Iraqi society have been completely controlled in order not to give them chances to ask questions about the reality. That control was achieved through group of procedures such as working on dissolution of the simple Iraqi family by getting fathers busier, building private and governmental social care centers to take care of children of martyrs and poor people, placing the low class at a lower level of education in order to keep the gap between the well-educated ruling class and the lower class so as to make the illiteracy a big obstacle preventing the smart people of lower class from thinking even in improving their lives. Such kind of slavery is necessary to control the society.
What happened against the new Sunni Iraqis during the past war years including killing, migration, humiliation, displacement and placing them in camps is deemed a type of social wars before being a military one. It targeted the individuals’ vitality and choices and their ability to move through making use of their thoughts and manipulating their minds to overcome their sources and social power and to destruct them mentally, emotionally and psychologically.
The basic rule for force imposition on the human being requires controlling the economy and money. When the power prevails, they grant it to you. This is what happened through the consecutive budgets of Iraq in the recent years as the aids, donations, salaries, privileges, contracts and governmental posts have been given to few categories of those who support the ruling power. These people in specific times use violent changes with the commodities especially the food to monitor the consumers’ reactions. For example, the Iraqi government announced last month the distribution of half a kilo of lentil for every Iraqi citizen in Ramadan to measure the reaction of the people and consequently know their reactions for any coming radical changes. This way, the people become like a trained pet under control of a complicated regime knows the settings of the society’s social power.
The war in Iraq hasn´t yet ended, it continues but in a quite and varied ways. It actually achieves the targeted objectives including the servitude the Iraqi people and influencing them. Through this kind of social control, the Iraqi person refuses the development of his mind so he becomes a part of herd and a pest on earth doesn´t concern about learning the capability of avoiding any kind of wars whether civil, moral or religious. He even refuses handling problems of water and land and doesn’t want to find solution.
Controlling people continues by keeping them illiterate, unorganized and socially confused and making them only pay attention to trivial and unrealistic issues. Such ways to control are achieved through following the intellectual liberalization, overcoming the intellectual activity and providing low standard education in math, logic, and economy and ignoring creation, culture and social studies.
They road of controlling is resumed by charging the emotions, encouraging the self-indulgence, paying attention only to the emotional and bodily activities and then attacking the society socially and emotionally in harsh way by providing them with topics relevant to sex, violence and war or by rewriting the history and the constitution, rigging the percentage of minorities and majorities through inaccurate statistics in order to facilitate moving their personal needs to be external fake priorities. The more lying and deception increase, the more benefits return, the more problems prevail, the more corrupted solutions provided.
People in our country use the politicians only to guarantee their security and without any plans. The western individual pays taxes, so he carefully chooses who represents him and who fairly manages the taxes and funds, while the individual in the east world especially in Iraq where the returns of oil are substitutes for the taxes, the Iraqi person isn’t in need to choose a politician carefully. In stead, he chooses who will pay more only to guarantee a job, to infringe others’ rights and to freely harm others regardless any repercussions or law provisions and to gain benefits without exerting efforts.
At the same time, the Middle Eastern individual empowers these politicians he chooses to manage the peace and wars in order to guarantee the permanence of the sectarian constituent and to conceal the competent who threats the sect. as a result, the current politicians manage a semi-military jobs such jobs in militias and police and jobs of lawyers and judges and then come the bankers.

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